The Dog House Gloucester, a Groomer in Dursley

Welcome to The Dog House Gloucester, we are a grooming parlour based in Cam, Dursley. This is a place where your dogs can come to get pampered and professionally groomed. We are in a purpose-built building, designed with your pets’ welfare and comfort in mind.

About Kristy

My name is Kristy Martin, and I am the founder of The Dog House Gloucester. I have always had a passion for dogs, so in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, I retrained to become a dog groomer! I successfully passed a CPD & IAP diploma in dog grooming and then studied my OCN Level 3 dog grooming diploma.

Grooming Services Gloucestershire

Dog grooming services include bathing and drying, clipping/styling and nail clipping. We will give all dogs a health check prior to grooming.

Dog Groomer Dursley

They recommend all dogs get groomed regularly, about every 8-10 weeks. For any information or help with any aspect of dog grooming or to book an appointment, please call or email.


I welcome all breed types including but not limited to; Spaniels, Labradors, Dachshund, Bichon, Labradoodle, Bull breeds and Mixed Breeds.

Grooming Prices

Grooming prices start from £20 but vary depending on the size of dog, breed and coat condition.

A Typical Appointment

All grooms are different and bespoke, what’s included, depends completely on the breed of your dog. Typically, they will have a bath using specialist shampoo according to their needs. I will then dry them either with a stand dryer or a blaster.

I will complete a health check. This helps to assess things like matting, any lumps or bumps that we need to be mindful of, skin complaints, etc. If the dog’s fur needs a cut, I will either use clippers or scissors. Also, I will brush and de-shed the dog if it requires a brush out.

Contact Us in Dursley

To ask questions or arrange a session, please contact us via any of the following methods.

Phone: 07917851907



Address: 15 Upthorpe, Cam, Dursley, GL11 5HR